Again and again I get asked where I get my pole gear from. Because of the frequency I get asked this question, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of brands I regard as high-quality.

My favourite brands

Online shops

Often you can by directly from the brands. The online shops below have a selection of the brands listed above and, besides them, many more:

There are online shops based in Germany, too. However, I personally haven’t shopped there yet, hence I can’t give any recommendation.

Pole events

Another shopping opportunity are stalls at pole events like competitions or showcases. And the best thing, you can try them on straight away! Comment or message me if you’d like to know more details! 🙂

Facebook groups

Oftentimes people order too many items and rather than returning them, they sell them on Facebook. These or second-hand wear can be found in various Facebook groups, e.g.

Pole studios

Some pole studios have pole wear for sale. So, next time you’re in a different studio, for instance because you’re attending a workshop, keep your eyes peeled for a clothes rail, too!

Alternative: sports bras

Not always more affordable, but available in any city are sports bras. Nowadays most of them aren’t just designed as underwear. Instead brand have created beautiful pieces which you can wear as they are without hiding them underneath a top. Hunkemöller and Victoria’s Secret, for example, stock some very nice and – for pole functional – collections every now and then.

Large sizes

Unfortunately many brands only make their pieces up until certain sizes. But a few offer their collections in large sizes, too, and even shoot with rather realistic models.  I personally haven’t tried them yet, but I’ve heard and read great reviews:

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