Who is Julia?

Certified Pole Dance Instructor and Fitness Trainer

elevatED Pole Level 1 and Pole Level 2 certified
Flow Movement licensed and certified Floor Flow® Instructor
PDC Approved 3-Star Instructor
PDC Level 5 Member

Master Classes and Intensives with

Marlo Fisken, Kenneth Kao, Tracee Kafer, Charlotte Robertson, Natasha Wang, Maddie Sparkle, Michelle Shimmy, Sergia Louise Anderson, Elizabeth Carmine Black, AnDre, Doris Arnold, Màrion Crampe, Yvonne Smink, Alex Shchukin, Sasja ‘Fierce’ Lee, Maria Julia Agiar, and many more

Healthier Me

On my search for a healthier lifestyle – I used to consume multiple chocolate bars a day complimented with nutrient-free junk food – I turned towards a whole food diet. I strongly believe the more natural the food, the better and more nutritious.

— The more natural the food the happier I am.


My love for travels and adventures has led me to many places already. My favourite so far was a road-trip through Oz and NZ sleeping in cars in the most rural places, surfing, and feeling nature like never before.

These trips also brought me to many pole schools giving me the chance to learn more about the vast styles and techniques out there.

Muggle Education

At the time when I hadn't discovered the magical worlds of pole, dance, and movement culture yet, I strived for a career in the creative tech industry. I received degrees in interactive media and breathed design and code.

From small village in the heart of Germany I lived in Berlin, Barcelona, and recently in London, UK.

Now, I call Leipzig my home.

Teenage Punk

A rebelling punk as a teenager I loved to jump into mosh-pits, crowd-surf and scream hard- and metalcore lyrics from the bottom of my heart.

I used to play football and handball and enjoyed watching our local skater-boys whipping things up with their boards. I really sucked at skateboarding though.